Arduino and Smartphone Powered Quadcopter

by Bart Pelgrims on December 16, 2013

smartcopterResearchers at the Vienna University of Technology are using a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone paired with an Atmel-based Arduino board as the brains behind a small, inexpensive drone dubbed the SmartCopter.

The software is currently capable of determining the drone’s position by analyzing markers and evaluating sensory input from the smartphone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. If there are no new markers to be found, the drone hovers and awaits new instructions from a remote laptop monitoring its flight. The drone can also be programmed to land in a specific spot once its job is completed.

So what else does Mossel envision for the SmartCopter? A wide range of use cases, including inspecting the condition of walls and ceilings, analyzing open rooms in churches and museums, as well as helping shoppers navigate malls.

That is, if you call 300 euros inexpensive to build this smartcopter. Excluding the phone.


Source: Vienna University via Atmel

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