Arduino USB HID Keyboard

by Bart Pelgrims on June 25, 2012

arduino usb keyboard

Turn your Arduino UNO into a USB HID keyboard, and make buttons that do whatever you want. Make it a useful tool, with new buttons for Cut/Copy/Paste or Volume+/Volume-/Mute, or annoy your friends and colleagues by setting the keyboard to perform random keypress after random delays!

The USB HID keyboard conforms to the standard USB specification, so is functional on all modern operating systems.  All this is made possible by the use of the Arduino Device Firmware Update (DFU) function.


İbrahim February 13, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Hello ı dont know Arduino well but ı try learn ıt.ı want to use arduino on my project. I have Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Mega 256 ADK. I want to control game wıth push button .ı mean ı want to use push button lıke keyboard lıke these examples. But ı could not run these codes. Must ı change my arduino model or can ı control by these uno r3 and mega 256 adk? can you help me about these subject please? Or can you contact wıth me on thıs e-mail?

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