RGB Led Cube

by Bart Pelgrims on July 26, 2012

8x8x8 rgb led cubeThis project is the next step in the evolution of his blue LED Cube. It’s an 8x8x8 RGB Led cube, driven by an Arduino clone. It can be controlled directly from the board, and for more complex animations a computer can be used. A little warning if you take on a project like this: it took the author about 20 hours on the soldering of the LEDs alone. And another 60-80 hours on the software.

Here are the videos obligatoire :

Video Input

If you want to do some video, you’ll need to extract pixel data out of video files using the openCV libraries. After the code gets the video’s pixel data it is just a matter of scaling it to 8×8, sending it to the chipKIT and then performing some transformations to add the 3D effects to the video, easy as pi.

Yeah right.


But still really nicely done. Best cube I’ve seen so far.

Full build instructions.

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