Rubiks Cube Solver

by Bart Pelgrims on December 19, 2012

rubiks cube solverJames built this Rubiks cube solver robot as a school project. He is only 17 years old, and designed this thing better than some others did on the web.

He first created the code that solves the Rubik’s cube. It solves the cube using the “layer by layer” method. This is by no means the most efficient way to solve the cube. It produces solutions in about 100 moves. It will solve the cube in approximately 10 minutes – a number he would like to greatly reduce using a web camera for colour recognition, and more efficient cube solving algorithms.

The main idea is to have the user scramble a Rubik’s cube, then place it into a set of robot claws controlled by an Arduino. The original concept was to have a webcam to then decide the state of the cube, however if this proves too ambitious. The user will enter each piece into the computer running a python script. The python script will solve the cube, then send the list of moves to the Arduino which will do the physical solving of the cube. The arm was created using Lego and a couple of servos to flip the cube.


Source : creativetronincs via hackaday

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