Handy Arduino & ATMega Microcontrollers Pinout Diagrams

by Bart Pelgrims on February 27, 2013

Arduino Uno PinoutPighixx has created several pinout diagrams, and posted them in the Arduino forum. They’re for the Arduino UNO and for several ATMega microcontrollers, such as the ATMega 328 and the ATMega 1284p.

These diagrams provide a clear picture about how to use each pin of the board and can be used as real “cheatsheets” for your own DIY projects.

While on his site, I also found quite a few other useful pinouts:

Unofficial Arduino Micro Pinout Diagram

Unofficial Esplora Pinout Diagram

Unofficial Arduino Micro Pinout Diagram

Unofficial Leonardo Pinout Diagram

Arduino MINI Pinout Diagram

Arduino MEGA Pinout Diagram


Source : Arduino forum via Arduino

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